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Cost of Prints

This is a sampling of the many sizes and products we offer.

20x24  -  $225.00                             11x14  -  $75.00

20x24 on canvas $300.00                 8x10  -  $32.00

16x20  -  $150.00                              5x7  -  $25.00

16x20 on canvas $225.00                 4x5  -  $14.00

You may also purchase your full set of finished prints in 4x5 size.  The cost of the full set of finished prints is $650.00. Camera Art builds in additional ways for our couples to save money and get more. For every $250.00 worth of made by your family and friends, the bride and groom earn Art Credits that can be used towards enlargements and other fine art products we offer.