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11/19/2016  Sarah and Jared Groner Wedding (Abernethy)
11/5/2016  Monica and Andy Muller Wedding (Empress Estate)
8/3/2016  Hannah and Soloman Wedding (The Troutdale House)
7/31/2014  Alisha Karel and Chevy Shultz Engagement (Eastbank Esplanade)
7/31/2014  Alisha Karel and Chevy Shultz (The Empress Estate)
11/11/2013  Huong Nguyen and Van Pham Engagement (Eastbank Esplanade)
11/6/2013  Kristin Motsinger and Ben Leddige (East Bank Esplanade)
9/14/2013  Tonya Corning and Jeff Roerig Wedding (Queen Anne Victorian Mansion)
7/29/2013  Becca Hanny and Mitchell Blake (Log House Garden)
7/24/2013  Kati and Derek Hines Wedding (Oregon Coast)
7/23/2013  Rachael Hartz and Matt Wood - Portland Engagement (Eastbank Esplanade)
7/13/2013  Ellany Saxton and Ben Thompson Engagement (University of Portland)
6/26/2013  Beckie Stewart and Aaron Lee Engagement