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It’s that time again…to post the Best Wedding Images of 2013!  It is an awful hard process of narrowing the thousands and thousands of wedding images down to a handful and I always find a way to justify making it more than a mere 10 or so.  This year I am posting the best 13 wedding images of 2013 and then a few additional image awards for the Best Florals and Best Pinterest Re-make… This way I end up with my favorite 20 images from 2013.  These images make the best of cut for different reasons.  Some because of how the image makes me feel, some because of the memory it created for me, some because they are just smokin’ hot!  Here they are…

This image was from Kayla and Mitchell’s wedding on November 15, 2013 at Timberline Lodge.  It was a blizzard-like day at Mt. Hood and we were unable to go outside but we photographed some beautiful images inside the Lodge.  I get so excited when we have enough time that I can set-up off-camera lighting and create amazing images like this one!

This image from Kati and Jakob’s wedding at Langdon Farms Golf Club is just plain HOT!

This is another fabulous image from Kati and Jakob’s wedding of the bride twirling around in her wedding dress.  Angela and I really practiced this shot a lot this year and Kati nailed it!  This is the Best of Bride Twirling shot!

This is another image from Kayla and Mitchell’s wedding at Mt Hood.  I love this image because it isn’t very often that a bride is willing to lay down on the grass or the floor but Kayla was willing to do just that!  Taking little risks at times can end up creating these one-of-a-kind images that are priceless!

An image of two chairs and the bride and groom in the background.  Why is this on my Best of 2013 list?  The chairs that the bride and groom sit in during their Catholic ceremony are symbolic and this image I love and remember.  During the course of a wedding season I can shoot an average of 50,000 images a season just by myself and this is one of those that I remember.  This one because of the symbolism, because Tara and Matthew were a super sweet couple that I felt really connected to and because this catholic church was so beautiful and the vibrant colors photographed so beautifully.  This image tells a story and that is what I am…a storyteller.

I love this image!  It was photographed from quite a distance away as Rachael and Matt were leaving their ceremony at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe on a jet boat.  Rachael and Matt get the Best of 2013 Creative Departure award!  They had a boating theme and I just loved the unique creativity in this!

I feel so lucky when I get an outgoing and adventurous bridal party who are willing to let loose and have fun!  Beckie and Aaron got married at the World Forestry Center and we traveled all over the place for their formal pictures, one of the funnest places was Union Station downtown.  This large bridal party was willing to have fun!  I recently delivered Beckie and Aaron’s wedding album to them and as they were looking through their album they came across this image and Aaron said this is their favorite image from the day.  I always loved it too but at that moment, it became my favorite image too.  This couple is special to me.  My dad photographed Beckie’s sisters wedding about 10 years ago.  I felt so embraced by this family and it made me feel closer to my dad when I was with them.

Samara and Jared married at the Bayou Golf Course and Mansion.  This image gets a Best of 2013 because it is another storytelling image…Dad walking his daughter down the aisle, both elated and scared.  Samara’s dad had a message for Jared as he paused to put her hand in his hand.  It was touching, hilarious at moments but he wanted Jared to know that he and his wife had spent a great deal of time and energy creating this wonderful woman and he didn’t want Jared to “screw it up”.  I love how Jared is framed by Dad and Samara.  It tells a story.

Elizabeth and Alex get the Best of 2013 First Look award.  The Octagonal Barn at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse had the perfect door to set-up the perfect First Look moment for the two when Alex and Elizabeth see each other for the first time.  I just love this creative concept and the shot turned out so cute!

This image could have won the Best of Pinterest Re-make award but I have another image I’m saving for that best of image.  This is just one of my favorite images, it’s a Best of 2013.  It was an important image for Sahar and Matthew, one that she wanted to be sure we did.  Even though we were behind on the timeline at this wedding, I’m so glad we stopped and took the time to capture this super cool image!

This is my favorite sparkler send-off image for 2013!  Amanda and Andy got married at the Portland Art Museum and it was a party…you will see another image from their incredible party that got into the Best of 2013.  I love the way the guests are really engaged in this and how Amanda has her hands wrapped tightly around her new husband, Andy.

A beautiful day, beautiful bride, gorgeous venue and a killer tree!  Rachael and Sean married in the spring this year at the Oregon Golf Club.  They have this amazing tree there that creates the most incredible backdrop for an image like this one.  This is definitely a Best of 2013!

Rachael and Sean get the Best of 2013 Cake Topper award too!  Beaverton Bakery makes the best cakes.  You can’t go wrong with them.

Getting ready images from weddings are the most touching, photojournalistic images a photographer can capture.  They are so important to the story.  This image was from Erin and Jason’s wedding this year at Mt Angel Community Festhalle.  This is one of those memorable getting ready images of the bride applying her lipstick.  It gets in my favorites as a Best of 2013.

Another image from Amanda and Andy’s wedding.  They get the prize for the wildest and craziest party!  This image makes the Best of 2013 because as you can see, the guests are all partying it up and they went on like this until the bitter end, well past mid-night.  They had a belly dancer and many other cultural dances and the dance floor was packed the entire night!  I gotta give a shout out to Paradox Productions who kept this party wild!

This image from Kati and Jakob’s wedding gets my Best of 2013 Dancing shot award.  I am a huge fan of setting up off-camera lighting at the reception for a super hollywood glamour look to the dancing and reception images.  This one gets in the best of because of how perfect it is, Kati and Jakob only concerned with each other and their first dance together as husband and wife.

Love, love, love!  I love this image of Jill and Andrew as they are leaving in their classic car headed to the reception at the Portland Golf Club.  Jill and Andrew had a meaningful ceremony at the Old Scotch Church is Hillsboro, the same church that Jill’s parents married in many years before.  I love how you can see the tip top of the historic church in the reflection of the window and the happy wave goodbye from Jill as they take off.  This is definitely one of those memorable Best of 2013!

This is another from Erin and Jason’s wedding and it is a Best of 2013 because it is H-O-T, hot!  The veil blowing in the wind and masking Erins’ face slightly and the way that Jason is looking deeply and intently at Erin in this moment.  It makes me feel something and images that make me feel something drive me as a photographer.  As I reflect back on this year, this is an image that stands out for me as definitely a Best of 2013!

This image from Whitney and Joseph’s wedding gets the Best of 2013 Pinterest award!  This was one of Whitney’s images that she so badly wanted.  This is in a bar near the OSU campus and clearly Whitney has out-drank, out-lasted and the only person still standing!  Great idea Whitney!

The wedding florals are always a highlight for me at a wedding.  I am always excited to see what the bride has planned for her florals.  Rachael gets the Best of 2013 Florals award.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful succulents make this the most amazing florals for this year.  I have to shout out to Lora at Sophisticated Floral Designs for her amazing florals.  Can I add that I loved Rachael’s headpiece also.  She was such a beautiful bride.

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