Stacey and Robert Wedding

Their love story…

Stacey and Rob met through a mutual friend at work. They both work at the same place but in different departments. Their friend, Jessica, works in Stacey’s department and on occasion would invite Stacey and Rob both out to parties/gatherings. Stacey had seen Rob around the office and knew who he was but honestly didn’t really care for him… she thought he was kind of a jerk. At one particular party they were at, Rob and Stacey randomly struck up a conversation. The drinks were flowing that night and by the time they knew it their conversation had lasted for hours and the party was over. Rob gave Stacey a goodnight kiss and she remembered thinking to herself “I’m kissing Rob, this is really weird. Oh well, what the heck!” The following days and weeks were interesting. Rob asked Stacey out and she politely declined. She had her reasons… she was recently still mending a broken heart from a previous relationship and didn’t want to drag Rob in the middle of it, she also didn’t want to date someone she worked with. Having done that before and recalling the drama that came with it was hindering. Rob, however, was persistent. He kept up with conversations and getting to know Stacey. Not just at work, but on the phone after work as well. He would continue to occasionally ask Stacey out to coffee, to sushi, to a movie, for a walk and she kept declining. This went on for about two months. Then one day he asked Stacey out again for sushi and she said yes.

Things progressed rather quickly after that. They started hanging out all the time and eventually had “the talk” and decided they were dating exclusively. Stacey doesn’t know if there was a precise moment when they fell in just kind of gradually happened. Stacey said Rob became her best friend and she knew she wanted to marry him and share her life with him. From the beginning, Stacey has always been able to be herself around Rob. She has never felt like she had to impress him and never felt awkward that he might not accept some ‘goofball quirk’ that she has. She loves that feeling. She said, “I love spending everyday with my best friend and knowing that he feels the same way.”

Here are some images from their special day on June 12th at Postlewait Farm in Canby, OR…

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