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Sahar and Matthew married on August 10th this last year and it was a very special day.  The ceremony was planned for the country of Hillsboro, overlooking the gorgeous valley.

From Sahar and Matthew…”A love story from the beginning… a business man walks into a restaurant and locks eyes with the hostess, it was love at first sight.  It wasn’t easy though, it took three months of diligently asking the beautiful Persian girl out before Sahar would finally cave her game of hard to get and say yes to going on a simple date.  After that we can only describe our relationship as a permanent “honeymoon stage.”

Our wedding was an eclectic mix of cultures, strong traditions, new traditions and, of course, humor.  The groom came from a large Italian/polish family and the bride a Persian/German family just as large. We thought we were doomed from the beginning with having to blend so many cultural mixes into one ceremony but after all the planning, it turned into a harmonious event.

Our wedding was held at a private residence in the countryside of Hillsboro set atop of incredible panoramic views of the valley.  When asked what made our wedding unique, we have to say the Persian influence.  The Persian culture is based on ancient symbolism where every little aspect has significant meaning. Part of this old tradition is “sweetening” the marriage. During the ceremony we had valued aunts of both families come up to the alter hold fabric over our heads as two cones of sugar were ground over us. After they sweetened the marriage it was the bride and grooms turn. They each took their smallest finger dipped them into a crystal bowl of honey and fed it to one another. Sweet.

Rather than floral bouquets for the bridesmaids, the girls held scrolls with handwritten messages to the bride and groom that were read during the ceremony.  There were so many, many unique details at our wedding.”

I am fortunate to have the opportunity for my photography from this wedding be featured on the very popular Two Bright Lights Blog coming soon.  Enjoy!

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