Riddhi and Eric Wedding

Riddhi and Eric married in a traditional Sanskrit ceremony on August 13th at the Sheraton at the Portland Airport.   What a blast!  It was a fantastic experience to be able to be a part of this day.  Where do I begin?  Riddhi looked stunning!  Her henna designs were amazing.  So delicate and intricate.  We hopped on over to Blue Lake to do a few images of the bride and groom and the bridal party and then on to the Groom’s Procession.  This was such a joy to witness.  You know, typically the groom would come in on a big elephant but that wasn’t an option so this family put their thinking caps on and came up with the next best thing, actually maybe even a little better!  They had access to a fork lift and covered the front of it with a banner of an elephant and they partied around the Sheraton with Eric raised up high in the air as he proceeded to the bride’s family.  The dancing and singing and music…it was a sight to see.  The ceremony was beautiful, interactive and completely traditional.  It was translated so I was able to understand the ceremonial aspects of the union.  A long day packed with lots of music, dancing, smiles and great food!  Here are a few of their images…

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