Nicole and Jim Wedding

Jim and Nicole met while Nicole was still in college and Jim was a recent graduate. They both worked as tellers together at a local bank.  Customers would comment on how funny they were together and how they always loved to work with Jim and Nicole. They formed a quick friendship through their sense of humor and story telling. Later that year, Nicole left on an adventure abroad in Ecuador. She spent her time learning the language, culture and fumbling through a foreign country as an exchange student. She always sent Jim her “lost in translation” stories and cultural misunderstandings that would only happen to her. She spent nearly two years there and during that time, they kept in contact the whole time. When Nicole finally came back to the states to graduate, they reconnected and started spending more and more time together. Jim started to teach Nicole guitar. She started to teach him Spanish, but stopped because he would only retain the bad words:)

Around 4th of July that year, a group of their friends decided to go to San Francisco. When the day arrived to leave on the road trip, it ended up just being Nicole’s roommate, Jim and Nicole – everyone else backed out. They were staying with her roommates uncle so her friend had to spend a bit of time with them while Jim and Nicole went and did their own thing. Long story short, Jim and Nicole both said they liked each other, started dating and have been together ever since! That was three years ago this July!   “We are definitely excited to take the next step and start a new life together.” says Nicole.

Jim and Nicole had a fun wedding full of laughter and friends and family.  The guys wore kilts and were 100% natural underneath those kilts! Here are some images from their special day.


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