Kelli and Yeston Wedding

I work really hard to try to understand who our wedding couples are, what they like, what they are like, who they are.  I do this so I can try to capture them being them and to draw out who they are in their images.  I also love to get to know the people that I will spend one of the most important days of their lives with.  Kelli and Yeston met with me in the fall of 2010 to talk about their wedding photography for their August 7th, 2011 wedding.  They seemed somewhat quiet in nature and I thought they were somewhat natural or maybe traditional but their was something contemporary about them too.  They told me they were getting married at BeckenRidge Vineyard and that they were going to have two of their dogs in the wedding as the flowergirl and ringbearer (love it!).  Yeston told me his idea of an engagement session was to go out into the woods during or just after a storm and I thought, well, that’s interesting…not exactly what I expected to hear from them as their perfect engagement session but the real problem would be my photography equipment and wet weather conditions – not a good match.  Fast forward 10 months to their wedding day and I finally got a chance to see both Kelli and Yeston in their real form!  Kelli was just so beautiful and Yeston didn’t look half bad himself (LOL!).  Walking down the aisle just prior to Kelli was…their pitbull ringbearer and chihuahua flowergirl.  Then, I was blown away by their wedding vows which they wrote themselves to each other.  The depth, the warmth and the raw expression of love and admiration so beautifully articulated.  This was the moment that I realized who Kelli and Yeston were.  It only took me 10 months but what an honor to know this wonderful couple so full of depth, so full of life and yes, they were a little bit natural, a little bit traditional and a little bit contemporary all wrapped up to perfection.  Here are some special images from their special day…

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