Amber and Shaun

We had a wonderful time with Amber Shaun on June 4th when they celebrated their love for one another.  They have a wonderful love story…Amber and Shaun met over Texas Hold Um!  Amber was working on a photography project and needed to capture “hands”.  She was taking pictures of card hands and bumped into Shaun.  They hit it off and Shaun couldn’t wait to see her again.  Their first date was to a movie where Shaun broke down and let Amber choose the movie:)  On that first date, he ended up meeting Amber’s parents and his truck broke down!  The night ended with a kiss and more poker with friends.  The two moved in together after dating for 8 months and on their 2nd year anniversary they found out they were pregnant with their first child.  Amber and Shaun had a beautiful girl named Mayzee.  Shaun proposed shortly after Mayzee’s birth and finally, after dating for 4 years they were ready to call one another husband and wife.  When I asked Amber about their love story, Amber said “Of course it has not always been perfect, but I love our story and all the people in our story”.  She said there hasn’t been a day that I can say that I fell in love because Shaun has made me fall in love with him over and over.

A beautiful couple and their daughter is just as beautiful.  Here are a few of their images from their wedding…

Amber and Shaun got married at Cedarville Park / Club Paseano.


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