Carrie Leavitt, Owner and Principal Photographer

Carrie Leavitt’s career began at a very young age.  As a second-generation professional photographer, she had the unique opportunity to learn from an award-winning portrait and wedding photographer considered to be one of the top photographers in the Pacific Northwest, her father.  This is where she learned the technical expertise and also where she began to emerge as her own artist, combining the learned technical expertise with the insight/talent to envision, anticipate and infuse passion, art and emotion into her imagery.
A creative eye is driven by emotional intelligence and this is why Carrie is not only artistically intuitive, but how she continues to deliver powerful images to satisfied customers time and time again.  She is able to connect with people on an emotional level throughout their whole experience.  That ability to connect with people and feel connected and comfortable cannot be separated from the imagery nor the experience.  If you connect with and feel comfortable with your photographer, you will see that in your images.  If you don’t feel connected or comfortable with your photographer, you will see that in your images.  Carrie’s success as a professional photographer rests on her talents to seize the emotion and provide each couple with amazing images and a truly enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Heather Lough, Associate Photographer

Heather’s passion for wedding photography stems from a deep love of storytelling.  It began at a young age when her grandmother encouraged her to make scrapbooks to preserve memories from special events and trips. She carried her point and shoot camera with her everywhere to capture the stories but it wasn’t until she and her husband used money from their wedding to buy an SLR camera, that her love of photography soared.  Heather’s photographic focus was initially on landscapes and architecture, but after the birth of her first child, she began capturing the moments and emotions of life.  Heather combines the love of storytelling with her eye for design, landscape and architecture to capture unique interpretations of people, life and events.
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Heather has spent years training with Carrie and has emerged as a fantastic photographer with published works and happy couples.